Chameleon Unleashed

Chameleon Unleashed was established in 2013 as a fashion blog and online store selling the latest fashion trends. Since then Chameleon Unleashed has evolved into a brand covering both beauty and fashion. The name Chameleon Unleashed was chosen because a Chameleon is known to naturally blend in with its environment. Chameleon Unleashed aims to reverse that by unleashing the chameleon and using the brand to represent fashionistas using beauty and fashion to stand out and make fashion trends their own. Chameleon Unleashed is a brand that not only represents the CEO Brandi Nicole, but a brand that represents all fashionistas expressing their unique styles through fashion. Making fashion trends uniquely yours and not being afraid to show off your style at any age or size is what it means to be a Chameleon Unleashed.

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Meet the Founder/CEO of Chameleon Unleashed

"Unleash you inner fashion chameleon." -Chameleon Unleashed

Brandi Nicole

Chameleon Unleashed Founder and CEO

Hello, my name is Brandi Nicole, and I am the founder and CEO of the brand Chameleon Unleashed. I am from Raleigh, North Carolina, but recently moved to Los Angeles, California to expand my brand. I love keeping up with the latest fashion trends, making them my own, and writing about them. I am the editor for the Chameleon Blog, and the force behind Chameleon Unleashed. I live in Los Angeles, CA and enjoy networking, listening to music and building my brand. If you are interested in becoming a writer for the Chameleon Blog, an ambassador, or a business partner contact me by filling out the form on our contact page.