Mint Swim founder and former Basketball Wives Miami reality star Draya Michele announced that she would be the new shoe designer for popular online retailer ShoeDazzle. Draya was proud to announce the new deal after coming out of a great summer season for her widely popular Mint Swim swimwear line.


Design meetings @shoedazzle 👠 #checkshoedesigneroffthelist

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Whether it’s a coincidence or not, the news follows right after Love & Hip Hop reality star Hazel E gets dropped as a shoe designer for the brand. If you haven’t heard, Hazel E is losing contracts left and right due to racists and anti-LGBT remarks made towards cast mates on the Love & Hip Hop reality show.

According to Cup of Tea Gossip on Instagram, Shoe Dazzle made the following statement after they were informed that Hazel E said that “gay people can burn in hell,” and that “dark skin [black] girls are monkeys.” Apparently this statement was made by Hazel E on the popular Vh1 reality show Love & Hip Hop.

“We are aware of the recent social media posts and thank our fans for bringing it to our attention. At ShoeDazzle, we believe in love and equality for all and have removed all content associated #loveislove.” -ShoeDazzle

Coincidence or not, Hazel E made her bed and she is now having to lay in it. On the other hand, we are super proud of our girl Draya Michele. She deserves this moment, especially after all that she was able to accomplish after leaving Basketball Wives Miami.

I [Brandi Nicole] attended Draya’s Style Fashion Week SS18 Mint Swim runway show on October 14, 2017 in Los Angeles, California, and saw first hand how talented she was. Check out some of my video footage below!

Ps. I believe ShoeDazzle’s deal with Draya has long been in the works, because ShoeDazzle also sponsored the shoes for her fashion show. Draya said so herself at her fashion show. Hmmm…I wonder if the shoes from the show were designed by Draya herself. If so, I definitely want the thigh-high metallic heels.

Congrats Draya!

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